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Punah Samman is a social initiative powered by Punah Sanskar, a project by Prime Idea Networks Pvt Ltd.
Helping our society's little birds fly yonder away from social stigmas and seclusion, to a new life and beginning, "Punah Samman- Shuruwat ek naye jeevan ki" is our endeavour to help our brave girls and women begin a new life with dignity and respect they deserve, having braved a rape attack.
Rehabilitation of rape victims, giving them a new lease of life, helping them stand in the society- independent & strong and marry, if they choose to, is what we aim to achieve through this website.
Through our specifically designed databank, we not only aim to provide matrimonial alliances for the victims but also help them pursue further studies and become financially independent. We shall also help them relocate in new places where they can begin life afresh leaving bitter memories behind.