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Punah Samman is a social initiative powered by Punah Sanskar.

The idea is to help the innocent rape victims to gain a new lease of life by helping them come in the mainstream social circle, which most often becomes the most tedious task in a rape victim's life. Our endeavour shall be towards helping them gain employment, relocate in a new setting and encourage our youth to step forward and initiate matrimonial alliances with them as well if they so desire.

We wish to reinstate the dignity and honour of our girls which has been violated by the rapists and the society both. Punah Samman- shuruwat ek naye jeevan ki- gives the wings to the girls they truly deserve and not the life of seclusion and humiliation that they actually get. We wish our crusade shall gain a million followers and our society soon shall be an ideal one where criminals are punished and not the victims.

Punah Samman

Punah Samman- Shuruwat ek naye jeevan ki

Helping our society's little birds fly yonder - away from social stigmas and seclusion, to a new life and beginning!

We hope you will help spread the word around.

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Help in studies

We help victims to pursue their further studies.

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Make them financially independent

As we help them in their education and develop professional skills through job oriented courses, they soon can become independent and carve their own lives.

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Relocate to new place

We also help them to relocate to new places where they can begin a new life

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Matrimonial alliances

Our aim is to provide matrimonial alliances for the victims

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