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Message from our Founder President- Gaurav Tiwari

Punah Samman was founded on a dream which most would say is an over-simplified way of putting things. But the truth is it really isn't, because sometimes what could turn out to be a significant achievement in one's life starts as a dream, a vision.

I dream of a society where humanity, compassion, ethics and morals reign supreme, a heaven where we all live as human beings and assert it in each possible way.

I have worked hard for my dream.
I have poured my heart and soul into establishing Punah Sanskar and now Punah Samman. Most importantly, I have also been blessed. In my pursuit of a compassionate society, I have crossed paths with kind souls, many of whom have dedicated much effort, time and resource in helping to make this dream come true. The Punah Sanskar you see and hear of today is the result of the collective willpower of these generous, far-sighted individuals. And because of them, we have been able to reach thousands of people and been able to make some difference in their lives. I look forward to the day when the victims of molestation, rape and abuse stop being the sufferers and their culprits are isolated and not them.

As we continue our mission towards an ideal society, your assistance- in every possible way- is highly desirous. We are always in need of compassionate souls who feel alike and helping hands which work alike.

Thank you for your continued support and belief.